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Chart a new Course

Ready, Set, Action! Try Something New and Become a Shining Star in 2017

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Children in costumeAre you looking for a unique opportunity to help your child express him or herself in new and exciting ways? Many children and teenagers, both boys and girls,
are creatively motivated, and naturally have the ability to express themselves in a positive way, whether through dancing, singing, or performing on stage.Acting camp can help your child tap into their many talents, while living out their dreams of performing for an audience. Children and teenagers alike can learn all the skills necessary to act, film, perform and create. Young actors also gain a number of desired attributes which can help them through their entire life, which includes learning how to:
listen actively, show respect for peers and elders, interview well, gain confidence, communicate effectively, enhance articulation and enunciation, broaden reading skills, get in touch with their emotions, increase focus and concentration, and sharpen their improvisation skills by thinking on their feet.
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Acting and theater camps are also a fantastic way for your child to experience what it’s like to be a star! Kids with talent on many levels learn to unlock their creative
potential through activities like improvisation and theater games. They also benefit from unique and valuable guidance in audition technique taught by experts in the performing
arts field. In fact, many top theater camps are professionally connected to industry professionals, looking to cast children or teens in their next big production. Acting summer
camps, drama, and theater summer camps are wonderful activities you can find right in your area!
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Here are a few places to look into for your budding star:




Acting camps are not only fun and create long last friendships, your child will gain a sense of purpose and develop crucial skills that will stay with them not only through class,
but for a lifetime. For help in finding the right acting class for your child, check with your Family Coach or School Counselor for regional opportunities and additional resources.
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