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5 Tips to Inspire Your Budding Entrepreneur

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Are you a parent to a child who shows great interest in learning about Entrepreneurship opportunities?Why is learning Entrepreneur skills important? Entrepreneurship education benefits students from all socioeconomic backgrounds because it teaches kids to think outside the box and nurture their unconventional skills and abilities. Furthermore, it creates opportunity and stimulates the economy in exciting and forward-thinking ways.

Here are 5 useful tips to ignite entrepreneurship passion in your child:

Support Creativity and Allow Space to Brainstorm:

Some of the best ideas come from wild ideas. Encourage your child to explore ideas that are ‘off the cuff’ and ‘out of the box.’ Let them dream big and let their creativity shine. Every thought has a beginning and an end; but how you respond will make the difference in whether they may go after it.

Coach them on Goal Setting:

Introduce the importance of setting goals and show them how to look at their ideas in a step-by-step process. Focused goal-setting teaches accountability and helps create vision which moves ideas forward in a working and positive direction.

Tour and Explore Opportunities:

Start researching companies that focus on Entrepreneurship opportunities in Pittsburgh. Tour a newer startup company and interview the owners on how they got started to learn the tools of the trade. Learn about the business process and the ins and out of what it takes to be successful in today’s market.

Celebrate Successes and Turn Failures into Learning Experiences:

Entrepreneurs think different than the rest of the pack. Let them know that being different is a positive attribute. Coach them when they fail or have set-backs to remain optimistic and find opportunity.

Introduce a Business Plan & Invest in them:

Help them outline a simple business plan to learn the structure. Support them by assigning dollar amounts for extra jobs your child could help out with around the house. Go over guidelines and parameters just like any client would and at the end, review their service, and provide constructive feedback.

It is also important to note that Entrepreneur awareness and training is now highlighted as the fourth strand of PA Career Education and Work Standards, which focuses on assisting students in understanding the skills needed in the 21st Century.

The PA Department of Education offers helpful Entrepreneurship resources for students, parents, and teachers including: Skills needed to be an entrepreneur, examples of business plan models and advice, as well as a ton of resources, which families can find here:

Please also check with your School Counselor to see what Entrepreneurship programs are worth checking out in your part of the state!

Whitney PattersonWritten by Whitney Patterson, M.Ed., NCC, 9th and 10th Grade High School Counselor at Agora Cyber Charter School.