Well-Rounded Excellence

June 27, 2022 9:02 am


KashmirPaige Capenos-Paolucci is a recent Agora Cyber Charter School graduate who has been awarded the Karol Canfield Scholarship. KashmirPaige, who is on the autism spectrum, was enrolled with Agora for 11 years and is an exemplary embodiment of the Agora spirit. The award, in memory of the former teacher and director of special education at Agora, is given to one exceptional college-bound special education student each year. 


That honor has been bestowed upon KashmirPaige, whose hard work and community involvement set her apart. She attributes her well-roundedness to her special education classes, in which she was able to thrive academically while also learning more about herself as a person. Through Agora, KashmirPaige was able to achieve incredible academic, extracurricular and recreational feats.


A star defensive player on an ice hockey team; a medal holder in downhill skiing, swimming and gymnastics; a blue-ribbon-winning equestrian; a martial artist; an actress, singer and playwright; and a trumpet player, KashmirPaige left no stone unturned throughout her years at Agora. Her achievements extend well past recreation. She has been a part of the Girls in Politics initiative, in both Camp Congress and Camp United Nations. She is a graduate of the PEAL Leadership Academy and a student state representative in Be Strong, as well as a member of multiple other academic, political and scientific organizations. KashmirPaige was also this year’s Agora Times newspaper assistant editor-in-chief as well as vice president of both Random Acts of Kindness and the Female Initiative for Respect and Empowerment. In addition, KashmirPaige is a member of the Youth and Young Adult State Stakeholder Mental Health Advisory Board and has completed the teen mental health advocacy series through the PA Youth Advocacy Network.


When COVID struck, she truly found her voice and place at Agora and in her community. “As time went on, and we were still under quarantine, I had to search for more ways to become involved,” said KashmirPaige. “That’s when I discovered clubs at Agora. I have met so many wonderful people through all the clubs, both students and staff advisors. They became my friends. It taught me we all need to be involved in our school and community, and I found my voice as a leader. Clubs allowed me to be an officer, to help and guide the club members and activities. The true spirit of Agora is about being well-rounded.”


KashmirPaige Capenos-Paolucci is the youngest of three sisters. Marabeth (eldest) is an Agora Class of 2017 graduate. Lavender is an Agora Class of 2021 graduate and ran for Tyrone Borough Council in 2021. Following graduation, KashmirPaige plans to attend Penn State World Campus to study both special education and early childhood education, with a minor in American sign language. She wants to pursue a master’s degree in speech language pathology and work with young children who have autism.