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Attendance Mode


    • Students are required to follow the school calendar, which includes 180 school days. Attendance only occurs on “school days” as listed on the school calendar.


    • In partnership with families, Agora will identify the best learning path for each student’s academic success. The two paths are Synchronous and Asynchronous.

      Synchronous means that participation in live sessions and within coursework each school day is required to be considered present.

      A student on the Asynchronous path will need to login to courses daily and complete work to be considered present.

      An Individual Learning Path will be created for each student to identify which is best for their academic success. Each student will begin their Agora school year as a Synchronous Learner.


    • A student will be considered truant after three unexcused absences. Agora is mandated to report all truancy cases to the student’s local school district.


    • Once notified, the local district maintains 100% discretion to pursue truancy fines or court action. 


  • A student who acquires 10 consecutive unexcused absences may be withdrawn from school rolls.