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Chart a new Course

Author: agoraadmin

Tips for 12th Graders

on Categories College Planning
Student in classroomAs 12th graders have started their final year of high school, they will be preparing for their future. This can be a very exciting time for them with homecoming, senior trips, the prom and graduation. However, it can be a very challenging experience with selecting a career and/or college, keeping up their grades and overcoming senioritis. Here are some tips for students and parents to help the senior year to go a little smoother: Continue reading “Tips for 12th Graders”

5 Tips to Inspire Your Budding Entrepreneur

on Categories College Planning
Are you a parent to a child who shows great interest in learning about Entrepreneurship opportunities?Why is learning Entrepreneur skills important? Entrepreneurship education benefits students from all socioeconomic backgrounds because it teaches kids to think outside the box and nurture their unconventional skills and abilities. Furthermore, it creates opportunity and stimulates the economy in exciting and forward-thinking ways. Continue reading “5 Tips to Inspire Your Budding Entrepreneur”

Ready, Set, Action! Try Something New and Become a Shining Star in 2017

on Categories Academic Enrichment
Children in costumeAre you looking for a unique opportunity to help your child express him or herself in new and exciting ways? Many children and teenagers, both boys and girls,
are creatively motivated, and naturally have the ability to express themselves in a positive way, whether through dancing, singing, or performing on stage. Continue reading “Ready, Set, Action! Try Something New and Become a Shining Star in 2017”

Celebrate the Season and Beat the Winter Blues!

on Categories Student Health
Children at their lemonade stand
Have you ever found yourself in the waking up in the Spring, opening up the windows and smiling because you hear the birds chirping and see signs of flowers starting to blossom? Do you love the summer months – enjoying the sounds of children playing, seeing lemonade stands set up, and listening to the crickets at night? Continue reading “Celebrate the Season and Beat the Winter Blues!”

Finding A Tutor For Your Child In 5 Easy Steps

on Categories Academic Enrichment
Teen Tutoring a Student
Obtaining a tutor for your child is a very common way to help increase confidence and achieve academic success. However, choosing whether your child would be a good candidate for a tutor can sometimes cause unneeded worry or stress. Along with perceived costs, sometimes the thought of just not knowing or having any experience finding a tutor is difficult. The best way to combat these feelings is to make sure you have the right resources available, ask questions, and have support in the process. Since it may be difficult to know where to start, here are five useful steps on how to navigate finding the right tutor for your child.
Continue reading “Finding A Tutor For Your Child In 5 Easy Steps”

Cyberbullying: Is Your Student At Risk?

on Categories Bullying
Keyboard with BULLY highlighted
October is National Bullying Prevention Month which unites communities nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention. At Agora Cyber Charter School, one of the main reasons parents choose cyber education for their child is to escape the bullying that takes place more commonly at a brick and mortar school. Because of the online education setting, many cyber schools like Agora, also take extra precautions to prevent cyberbullying within our online school. Continue reading “Cyberbullying: Is Your Student At Risk?”