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Grades K-5

Thank you for choosing Agora Cyber Charter School! We are excited to have your family as part of our Elementary School program and online school community. Agora Cyber Charter School’s mission and commitment is to provide an innovative, intense academic program that inspires and educates students.  To ensure this mission is accomplished we created a comprehensive, three-day Student Orientation Program. This program is designed to ease your family into the online learning environment and prepare the student to begin content courses. During orientation the learning coach and student will receive the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the Online School and develop proficiency in the use of computer technology.

Your family will participate in the Orientation during the first three days of school.  Each day the student is required to attend orientation live and online sessions at 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 1:30 pm through Class Connect, as well as, complete assigned daily lessons.  Students must attend all orientation sessions to be marked present in school. The learning coach is expected to sit with the student during all live sessions to assist with use of the online tools and to check for comprehension. If more than one student is attending Agora, the learning should sit with and attend orientation with the youngest student.

Each student is assigned an Orientation Advisor who will deliver daily instructional content through live online sessions. During each session students receive real-time interaction, participate in skill building activities and are instructed to complete orientation assignments.  The Orientation Advisor monitors student progress in the Orientation Program to determine if the student requires additional support before they transition to content courses.

Prepare for the Start of School and Orientation:

1. Check email regularly for the Registration ID to setup the Online School accounts, important school updates and other information to prepare your family for the first day of school

2. All newly registered families should complete all of the steps in the Agora Cyber Charter School Preparation Checklist 2017-18

3. Once your family is prepared for the first day of school, select the guide below for directions to log into the Online School and attend the orientation live sessions.
How to Log into the Online School and Attend Live Sessions_Grades K-5 2017-18

Please communicate all equipment and online school technical issues to Agora’s dedicated Information Technology Support Team at (855) 412 – 3712.The support center is available Monday- Friday: 8:00 am -11:59pm and Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm (except on designated holidays). Or visit the website at

Your partners in education,

Jessica Long-Carr
Grade K-2 Orientation Advisor

Alexandra Loeb
Grade 3-5 Orientation Advisor