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Keystone Exams

The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments designed to assess proficiency in the subject areas of Algebra I, Literature, and Biology. The Keystone Exams are one component of Pennsylvania’s  new system of high school graduation requirements. Keystone Exams will help school districts guide students toward meeting state standards.
Attendance at Keystones is required for all eligible students.  These students include any 11th grader who has not yet taken the exams, students in any grade who are currently in a Keystone course, or students who previously took the exams but did not score Proficient or Advanced.
These exams are one component of Pennsylvania’s new system of high school graduation requirements which will help schools guide students toward meeting state standards. During that time, your attendance in school will be based on attendance at the required testing site. Please contact your Family Coach if you have any questions.


The following forms should be filled out prior to arrival at the site in order to make the sign-in process quicker and easier.  All students must have an Emergency Contact and Health Info form filled out for the site.  If a student is using public transportation or transporting themselves to the site, they must have signed and completed Self-transport form with them prior to arrival.  Any students who may need medication during the testing time must turn in a completed Self-administration of Medication form.

Emergency Contact & Health Info Form
Student Site Self-transportation Form
Self-administration of Medication Form