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Chart a new Course
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Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Agora Cyber Charter School is to provide an innovative, intensive academic preparation that inspires and educates students to achieve the highest levels of academic knowledge and skills and develop proficiency in the design and use of new computer technologies and scientific research. Agora embraces a collaborative partnership between teachers and parents in order to empower students to reach extraordinary heights. Extraordinary results require extraordinary efforts! Through commitment, hard work, consistency, and responsibility, every student will meet the challenge of mastering high expectations.

Our Vision

Preparing all students to achieve their highest potential through actively engaging in their own schooling, achieving their personal learning goals, and being ready to reach post-secondary success as lifelong learners.

Our Core Values

Agora Cyber Charter School is governed by nine core values that are used to shape and define the culture and climate of the school. These values also guide behavior and decision-making.

Empowerment Compassion Personalization Innovation Teamwork Courage Respect Integrity Responsibility