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Change of Home Address

Two men moving a houseIn the event your address changes after initial enrollment, as per the Change of Residency Policy, all Charter School families are required to report the change of address to the Address Change Department within thirty (30) days of the student’s move to a new residence.  This includes all change of address documentation to support the move (i.e. a new Charter School Student Change of Address Notification form and two proofs of residency).   Failure to complete the change of address process within thirty (30) days of the student’s move to a new residence could result in delayed ISP reimbursement checks and/or removal of the student from the Charter School’s roles for failure to provide required enrollment documentation.

What to do FIRST:

In the event that your family moves, you are required to update the Address Change Department as soon as possible.  Please understand that it is best to send this information directly to the Address Change Department, and not to a family coach or a teacher (though you are more than welcome to CC whomever you would like), as it guarantees the quickest response and processing time and eliminates the possibility of misdirected or lost information.

The best means of doing so is to login to your Legal Guardian account in Tyler Student Information Center and update your address under Update Household Data this will start the process.  The following will also be needed to complete the process these should be sent to the address change department, they will communicate with you for all items needed.  You may also reach out to them directly at  Make certain that your email includes your students’ names and ID numbers as well as your new address. 

Every Change of Home Address will require…

Upon notifying Address Change that you have moved, you will be required to submit certain documentation; at a minimum, every change of address will always require the following:

  • A Change of Address Form, which must be filled out and physically signed by an adult designated in our system as a legal guardian
    • Only one student may be listed on a single change of address form, and as such, we require you to provide us with a completed and signed form for each student
  • One eligible document to act as proof of residency, which should be dated at or around the time of the move and must be in the name of an adult designated in our system as a legal guardian. Eligible documents are as follows:
    • A valid driver’s/ non-driver’s license
      • If your license does not yet reflect your new address, we require that you provide the updated card alongside it- temporary printouts will not be accepted
        • If you submit an update card without your license, it will be rejected and you will have to resubmit
    • A current utility bill
      • Gas, water, electricity, sewage, cable/internet/phone, etc.
      • We cannot accept:
        • A document still in its envelope
        • Insurance statements
        • Financial statements
        • USPS address change confirmation documents
        • Any bill or piece of mail that is not explicitly a utility bill
    • A Deed for the Property
    • A Current Mortgage Statement
    • Signed Residential Lease Agreement
      • Your lease should include:
        • The name of the tenants
        • The term of the lease (start and end dates)
        • The address that you are renting
        • The page that contains the landlord and tenant signatures

In the event that you are not able to furnish proof of residency in the name of a designated legal guardian….

If your family is co-residing with an adult not designated as a legal guardian in our system, and/or you are not able to furnish proof of residency in the name of a designated legal guardian, we will require that you complete a Multiple Occupancy Affidavit. A multiple occupancy affidavit must be filled out with the non-designated legal guardian in question, and must be notarized. Completing this form will allow us to accept proofs of residency in the name of the non-designated legal guardian.

In the event that a student is not living with their legal guardian…

If a student is not living with their legal guardian, we will require that you complete a Residency Sworn Statement. This form must be filled out by the adult(s) with whom the student is residing and must be notarized.  Completing this form will allow us to accept change of address forms signed by the adult(s) with whom the student is residing, as well as the proofs of residency in the name of the adult(s) with whom the student is residing.

If your home address underwent a 911 change…

If your home address was changed because of a county-issued 911 change, we only require that you fill out a Change of Address form reflecting the new address for each of your students and that you provide us with a copy of the notification that you received from your county.

Returning your information to us

Once completed, all information must be sent to the Address Change Department, where it will be reviewed.  The best way to do so is to email, however, if you are unable to send an email you can also fax the information to 484-588-0029, and failing that, you can mail it to the following address:

Agora Cyber Charter School
Attn: Address Change
1018 W. 8th Avenue
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Please keep in mind that in order to be accepted, all documents must be legible, and as such, if we receive blurry, pixelated, or overly-dark images, you will be required to resubmit.

It is important to keep in mind…

It is important to understand that simply submitting your documentation does not mean that your address will be updated, and as such, it is advised that you regularly check your emails for an email from Address Change, as we may need further information or clarification from you before we are able to complete the process.

Once your address has been officially updated in our systems, you will receive an email from Address Change stating as much.

Lastly- and most importantly- please understand that an address change is a time- sensitive process, as it not only allows us to keep our records up-to-date, but also has a direct role in providing us with the funds needed to educate your student.  This being the case, it is requested that all information be returned to us as quickly as possible- preferably no later than two weeks after notifying us of your move.  Should a change of address remain active for too long a period of time, you not only risk not receiving equipment, materials, and important correspondences sent via traditional mail, but you also risk your student(s) being withdrawn.