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Family Coaches

Family coaches are based geographically throughout the state to serve students and families locally within their assigned territory.

Family Coaches are assigned to each family to provide consistent one-on-one support throughout the school year. The role of the Family Coach is to be the first and most meaningful relationship students have with Agora and to provide regular support to students, removing all barriers so students can be fully engaged and participate in all facets of learning. The Family Coach does this through the following actions:

  • Serving as a family’s first point of contact
  • Responding to family concerns and providing continuous support
  • Conducting home visits as needed and/or required
  • Assisting student and parents with school systems and programs
  • Monitoring student attendance and developing School Attendance Improvement Plans (SAIP)
  • Motivating students to achieve and engage in class
  • Ensuring compliancy with school policy such as testing requirements and enrollment

Family Coach Corner


Across the state, Agora’s Family Coaches are doing some amazing things and connecting with Agora families in fun and unique ways.  Check out some of the highlights below.


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Agora Art Contest Winners Art Museum Escape Room Time Challenge