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Student Records

Student records are maintained at the Agora office. Agora Cyber Charter School provides parents with access to the academic records of their children.  The access rights of parents consist of:

  • The right to inspect and review the contents of educational records.
  • The right to obtain one copy of the education records at no charge.
  • The right to receive from school personnel an explanation and interpretation of the educational records.
  • The right to a hearing to challenge the contents of the educational records.
  • The right to bring an attorney or parent advocate to review educational records.  A parent seeking access to the educational records may make a request by telephone or in person to the Head of School or designee.  However, prior to reviewing and inspecting the educational records, a parent must sign an official request form.  Access to educational records is granted within forty-five days of the receipt of the written request.

After examining their child’s educational record, parents may request a hearing to challenge the contents of the record.  The purpose of the hearing is to establish the accuracy of the record.  At an informal meeting between the parents and the Site Administrator or designee, an attempt is made to answer any questions raised by the parents.  If the questions are not resolved, a formal hearing is conducted in the office of the Head of School.

In general, the school may not permit access to, nor release of, educational records to third parties without the consent of the child’s parents or guardians. However, educational records may be released without the consent of parents to another public school system to which a pupil transfers.

Pupil directory information, which includes the pupil’s name, address, date and place of birth, photographic likeness, major field of study, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, and participation in officially recognized activities and sports may be released without the consent of the parents unless the school is notified annually by the parents not to release the information without their prior written consent.

State law provides that the following additional conditions will apply regarding the educational records of special needs students

  • If you have asked to see your child’s records, you must be allowed to do so prior to a conference regarding an individualized education program and prior to a hearing regarding the identification, evaluation, or placement of your child.
  • You may designate another person to examine your child’s records, if you wish to have further advice.  You may ask for a list of the types and locations of the records kept about your child.
  •  The Agora Cyber Charter School has a schedule for the destruction of Special Education records of students who have been out of the program for at least five years.  You will be sent a notice by mail at a time shortly before the student’s records would be destroyed and advised of your right to obtain them for your own use or the student’s use.  It is your responsibility to provide the school with your current address so that you will receive the notification.  You should do so by sending your address, the student’s name, and birth date to Agora Cyber Charter School.

Parents/legal guardians may contact the office to obtain a copy of student records by e-mailing If parents/responsible adults change their address, telephone, e-mail address, or place of employment, they are asked to notify Agora immediately. Parents are responsible for keeping contact information current within the account setup section of the OLS.

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