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Contact Card 2017-18 School Year

What do I need? Contact Method Additional Information
Address Change Email: with Student’s First and Last Name, Student ID number, Legal Guardian name, Legal Guardian phone number. Or call: 1-610-230-2484  Fax:  1-484-588-0029

Visit for the step-by-step instructions for the Agora Address Change form.  Documentation should be submitted within 30 days of actual move or student risks withdrawal.

Address submission is required within 30 days of the actual move.  New address and the effective date will be needed to begin processing of the change. Additional documentation, including proof of residency, will be requested by the office.

Parent Resource:

*All shipments of materials, equipment, correspondence and ISP rebates are on hold until the process is completed.

Attendance Excuses Excuses are submitted through the Legal Guardian’s Sapphire Community Web Portal account. Visit for step-by-step instructions for the Agora Absentee Submission form.
Phone: 1-877-36-AGORA (1-877-362-4672), press option #4.Fax: 1-484-588-0238.

We do not accept excuses by phone but are happy to assist with questions.

Questions regarding student absences should be directed to their teacher or family coach.

Students are expected to attend their class sessions and complete coursework daily.

Any excuses received after three (3) days of the absence may remain unexcused.


Submitting excuses in a timely manner is the responsibility of the student’s Legal Guardian. Only Legal Guardians will be able to submit excuses through their Community Web Portal.

Enrollment Phone:  1-844-GO-AGORA (1-844-462-4672)
Fax enrollment documents to:       1-484-585-1679 or 1-844-862-4672
OR scan and email documents to
Contact the enrollment department to enroll your child, questions concerning enrollment or to speak with an Enrollment Administrator.
Guidance Phone:  1-877-36-AGORA             (1-877-362-4672) and press #9
Email the appropriate guidance counselor once assigned
Who is my Guidance Counselor? Log in to the OLS and view your class schedule.
Your guidance counselor is identified as Guidance Counselor < counselor name >
under the classroom column.
Contact guidance with questions regarding, courses, credits, college/career planning, graduation and crisis help (social/emotional)

Click the link below to view the Guidance Department web pages:

Elementary/Middle School Guidance

High School Guidance

Ink for Student Printers Order ink online:


Agora has partnered with CDW Group to create an easy online ink ordering system. Visit their website to order your student ink:

Reminder:  there is a limit of two black ink cartridges per school year.


Internet (ISP) Rebate Email questions or concerns regarding your internet rebate to

Internet bills must be submitted through the Legal Guardian’s Sapphire Community Web Portal. Click on the following link for more details: Internet Rebate Program

Each household will receive the actual cost of internet up to and not to exceed $35 for each month their student attends Agora. In order to be eligible for a rebate, the family must submit one complete internet bill per period. The bill for the fall rebate must be received by January 5th and the bill for the spring rebate must be received by
June 5th
. The rebate checks are mailed twice per year (end of January and end of June).  Please note: Rebates are placed on hold if residency or immunization records are not compliant.Additional information:
Receiving or Returning Materials Call K12 Customer Support:

Visit the Agora section of the K12 Online Support Center at

Enrolled families can monitor equipment and materials shipment status at and select Hardware or Shipments.
School Nurses/ Health Services Email:
Fax: 1-484-588-4477 or                  1-484-588-0544
Phone:  1-844-40-AGORA  (1-844-402-4672) ext. 8
All health forms (physical exam, dental exam, screening reports, health updates, and shot records) should be emailed or faxed directly to the Nursing Office. Contact information and health forms can also be found under Health Services.
Special Education General questions about Special Education records, please send an email to: or email Charmaine Schell at  (Grades K-6)

For Grade Specific Assistance please email:

Or call: 1-844-40-AGORA             (1-844-402-4672) and listen for the Special Ed prompt

Once your special education teacher is assigned, you are to email specific questions to your teacher.
Student Information and Records Email:

Or Call:
1-844-40-AGORA  (1-844-402-4672) and listen for the Student Information prompt #5.

For all 504-related items, please email

Requests for academic records, testing information, verification of enrollment/graduation, Social Security forms and students permanent files are handled by the Records Department.


Record requests must be received via email or fax 1-610-265-5825 and are processed in 7-10 business days.

Please note:  Medical Records and Special Education records are maintained separately by the Nursing team and Special Education departments, respectively.

Technical or Computer Support and Issues


If you are the parent of a currently enrolled student, you can reach the Agora K12
Customer Care and Technical Support team by calling  1-855- 412-3712
Hours of Operation:
Monday- Friday 8:00 am-11:59pm EST
Saturdays & Sundays 12:00 noon-8:00pm EST
Transcripts Phone: 844-402-4672, option #5

Fax: 610-265-5825


Only for High School students grades 9-12. Requests must be received via email or fax 610-265- 5825 and are processed within 5 business days.


Withdrawal Requests Phone: 844-402-4672, option #5

Fax: 610-265-5825


Please let us know, in writing, if you are withdrawing your student by contacting your Family Coach to initiate a request to withdraw. If you do not have a Family Coach assigned, a withdrawal request must be submitted in writing via email, fax or mail, from the legal guardian on the student’s account. Please include your reason for withdrawal and the new school’s information, if applicable.
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Special Education