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ESL & Translation Service

ESL ImageAgora currently educates students from all over the globe.  Students in our ESL program represent many different languages:  Spanish, Arabic, Pashto, and Romanian just to name a few.  We welcome all cultures and work together to meet our students’ individual needs.

So that everyone can communicate effectively, Agora provides our students, families, and teachers a translation service.  This convenient service can be used to translate into any language and is easy to use!  It can be used for everyday type communication and questions to significant matters and concerns.

Our website, too, can be translated into 90 different languages.  In the upper left corner of the Home page, click SELECT LANGUAGE and almost all of our website content will be translated into your chosen language.  Please note: videos and attachments will not be translated into another language.

For more information or assistance, please contact Kate Camarda, our ESL Coordinator, through email at or by telephone at 610-263-0033.