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Student Printer Ink

Printer with ink cartridges

Printer ink is expected to be used sparingly and only for school needs. Most of the materials needed in grades K-8 are already printed in the Student Pages for use, eliminating the need to print.

In order to conserve ink, it is recommended that your printer is set to always print in fast draft mode. To set for fast draft mode:

  • Go to your Start menu
  • Go to “Printers and Faxes”
  • Right click on your printer name
  • Scroll down to “Printer Properties”
  • Click on the “Advanced” tab
  • Click on “Printing Defaults”
  • In the drop-down menu under Print Quality on the right side menu, choose “Fast Draft”
  • Click “Apply,” then click “OK”

Ink refill kits are NOT recommended for use as they commonly are non-compatible and messy to administer. Agora will provide additional ink cartridges on an as-needed basis, but not to exceed two black cartridges per child per school year. Color refills are not provided as there is no need for students to print in color.

Need Ink?

It’s easy and all online!  Agora has partnered with CDW Group to create an easy online ink ordering system.
Click to Order Ink

If you have any questions about your student’s ink, please contact CDW support at 203.851.7074 or by email at

Agora supports only the following K12-provided printer models for ink:

  • HP 1510 AIO
  • HP 2549 AIO
  • HP 3632 AIO
  • HP 3720 AIO
  • HP 3755 AIO
  • HP 4140 AIO
  • HP 3830 AIO

ReminderReminder:  there is a limit of two black ink cartridges per school year. Also, you will see a “cost” for the ink but you will NOT be asked for a credit card or charged for the ink.

Special Education IconAdditionally, if you have Agora-issued specialized equipment required by an IEP, special ed students are able to order ink for printers other than the K12-provided models listed above. When your student requires additional ink or toner, please submit an email request to  Remember to include your student’s full name, student ID number, grade, printer model number, and complete mailing address in the body of the email. Subject line of email should be:   STUDENT INK.