Family Coaches

Each student is assigned a Family Coach who serves as the liaison between Agora and the student’s family. This additional layer of individualized attention provides consistent one-on-one support throughout the school year. Serving as the family’s first point of contact, family coaches are based regionally throughout the state to serve students and families within their assigned territory. The Family Coach welcomes the student and family to Agora and ensures a smooth transition for them to the online learning platform.  As a mentor, the Family Coach meets with the student on a regular basis to confirm the student is fully engaged and participating in all facets of their learning.  This team of highly trained professionals work collaboratively with each student and school staff to introduce them to a variety of learning opportunities which meets their educational and personal needs and to guarantee a positive learning experience. The regionally based Family Coaches help to organize Agora Days Out events that bring students and families together for in-person events and socialization.