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Save Thousands on College Tuition while Attending High School

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College Just Ahead sign
The idea of paying for college tuition can be daunting to so many families preparing for their son or daughter to go off to college someday, but it doesn’t have to be!¬† There are several ways that families can save on college tuition costs early if they have the right information and tools. Here are some helpful tips that families can start thinking about to save money as you investigate the journey of post-secondary education: Continue reading “Save Thousands on College Tuition while Attending High School”

Advice for the Graduating Class of 2016

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Graduated with parents
As many high school seniors will be graduating in a couple of weeks,¬†students and their families may be unsure about the next chapter in their lives. Graduation is a huge milestone for students. Graduates may get a great deal of advice from teachers, parents, and other adults. This information could help steer students in preparing for the next stage of their lives. Here are some suggestions for parents to offer their graduates: Continue reading “Advice for the Graduating Class of 2016”