Don’t change the way they learn.
Change the way they’re taught.

Agora's resident adventurer turns exploration into stellar education.

Challenge, connectivity, and a little snowfall-the elements of success for Mr. Pfeiffer.

In it for the long haul.

After teaching without borders, Mrs. Christmas makes a perfect fit in a school without walls.

Bringing out the best of being different.

Teaching and Learning something new every day.

A journey to Agora with many paths.

The following Health and Safety plan is designed to address only the reopening of the school’s main office and the provision of in-person services.

Virtual Open House

Come on in and meet live with an Agora Enrollment Concierge who will walk you through an overview of Agora and answer your questions.

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Recent News

With technological advancements and the dawning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more children are turning to online learning for their academic education. Online learning has many advantages.  Read on to learn… View Article

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Student Life

Agora encourages students to make connections outside of the classroom. Student Life enhances school life and builds deeper, positive relationships.