ACT 158

Students who are going to be graduating from high school in 2023 and beyond will have specific graduation requirements. These requirements are based on Act 158 of 2018, which was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on October 24, 2018, expands upon the options that students have for meeting Pennsylvania’s graduation requirements. While Act 158 maintains that students will still be required to take the Keystone Exams for federal accountability purposes, students may not be required to achieve proficiency on the Keystone Exams in order to graduate, as long as they meet the requirements set forth by one of the following defined options. Statewide High School Graduation Requirement Guidance (


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  • Proficient or Advanced in Algebra 1, Biology, and Literature




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  • At least 1 Keystone score is proficient or Advanced and no score is Below Basic
  • Composite Keystone Score is at least 4452




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  • Earned one non-numeric PROFICIENT pursuant to Act 136 of 2020 and
  • Earned two numeric scores in Keystone Exams associated with academic content other than the content area was awarded a non-numeric Proficient.
  • At least one of the two scores must be Proficient or Advanced.
  • Neither score may be Below Basic.
  • The composite of the two scores must be 2939 or higher.

NOTE : When utilizing a 2 – score composite,  the student must have also successfully completed locally established  grade-based requirements for each Keystone content area in which the student earned a  score of basic.


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1 Piece of Evidence

  • Attainment of one alternative assessment score or better:
    • A CT (21), ASVAB AFQT (31), PSAT/NBSQT (970), SAT (1010)
  • Attainment of 3 or better on AP Exam (s) related to each Keystone content area in which less
    than  Proficient
  • Successful completion of dual enrollment courses (s) related to each Keystone content area in which less than Proficient.
  • Successful completion of a pre-apprenticeship program
  • Acceptance into four year Institution of Higher Education (IHE) for college-level course work.


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3 Pieces of Evidence Consistent with Student’s Goals

ONE or more of these four bulleted items:

  • Attainment of 3 or better on any AP Exam
  • Successful completion of any dual enrollment or post secondary course
  • Industry-recognized credentialization
  • Acceptance into another- than-four year Institution of Higher Education (IHE) for college-level coursework

AND, no more than TWO of the following.


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Pathway 6: IEP

  • A student with a disability who is unable to satisfy pathway requirements but who satisfactorily completes a special education program is granted a diploma under Title 22 §4.24


For Pathways 3, 4, and 5, in  addition to the bulleted requirements, students must obtain a grad e of 70% or greater in the course corresponding to the Keystone Exam in which they were less than Proficient.