English Language Development Program

Agora educates students from all over the globe. Students in the English Language Development Program (ELD) represent many different cultures and languages, some native languages spoken at Agora are Spanish, Arabic, Yiddish, Pashto, and Romanian. Agora opens its arms to all cultures and the team collaborates to meet the individual needs of each student. As needed a translation service provides the students, families, and teachers support to ensure online success, so that each student may reach their highest potential.  Transperfect is a convenient service which may be translated into any language and is user friendly. 

“I love you Agora. My children studied at Agora for 3 years. It was a great school for them. I had all the support of the teachers and my student advisor…Thank you Agora for all your support in the country for all immigrants. ”
Diana Colebank
Former Agora EDL Program Parent
The Enrollment Process and Inquires
The application and enrollment process is the same for a non-English Speaker, as it is for any student enrolling at Agora. To obtain more information about enrollment click on Enrollment. The process requires the completion of state mandated documents, one which is the Home Language Survey, once completed the information on this document will help determine placement in the ELD Program. The document asks what is the student’s first language and what language is spoken in the home. The translation service Transperfect is available to assist with any language obstacles.
The Enrollment Process and Inquires
Website Translation
Agora’s website is available in 90 different languages. In the upper right-hand corner of the Home page, click SELECT LANGUAGE and the website content will be translated into your chosen language. Please note: Videos and attachments will not be translated into another language.
Website Translation


Most of Agora’s English Language students enroll with a strong level of English proficiency in speaking and listening, although require extra support and accommodations with reading and writing.

  • Once indicated that English is not the first language, the ELD Coordinator is notified, and Agora’s academic teams are made aware of the special circumstances.
  • The ELD coordinator gathers and reviews all pertinent information such as birthplace, first language, previous school experience, parental input, how long in the US, how long speaking English and ACCESS scores (English Language Proficiency Assessment), then shares, and collaborates with the team.
  • ELD Coordinator works with the Agora teachers to ensure lessons and assessments are appropriate for all learners using the Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS).
  • Accommodations are made as needed to help bridge the language and academic gaps which are based on proficiency levels, including PSSA/Keystone testing results.
  • Annually, the ELD Coordinator meets with the students to administer the WIDA ACCESS and the Alternate ACCESS assessment, adhering to the (PA Standards—Guidelines), to measure speaking, listening, reading, and writing growth. The results are shared with the families.
  • Both the Rosetta Stone Program and Reading A-Z are available as added resources to assist with language competence. Students work independently in individual program pathways.