Agora Celebrates Black History Month!

February 12, 2021 1:44 pm

HERstory is a national and international children’s book tour with a mission to carry the powerful message of limitless possibilities through unity.  Agora hosted a live virtual event that featured 6 Black female authors who read experts from their books, had interactive activities for the students and discussed the positive message of their books and take away positive affirmations for the children to incorporate into their lives.

Courtney B. Dunlap, The Rumble Hunters – When five-year-old James, a small boy with a big imagination, is awakened by a mysterious rumble in the middle of the night, he sets out on a curious journey to hunt the sound.

Sharifa Anozie, It’s In You – Through playful rhyme, humor and dazzling illustrations, It’s In You inspires young readers to dream big and to follow their instincts.

Lora McClain Muhammad, I Need You to Know: the ABCs of Black Girl Magic and a Young King’s Greatness – Affirmations of your own uniqueness and greatness, coloring book series.  Each page has encouraging words to intrigue young minds!

Virtuous Cornwall, Animalsville: Finding Little Doggins – Little Doggins is an adventurous, educational story about the importance of learning about the town you live in and effective communication.

Sheryl Smiley-Oliphant, My Daddy Doesn’t Need a Cape – Every child views their father as an ideal character, a superhero, someone who is the best at doing everything. This beautiful story features Kimmie, a little girl, who thinks the world of her daddy and totally adores him.

Amanda Lynch, My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams – inspired by the co-author, Ava Halloway (Amanda’s daughter) and a photograph taken of Ava in front of a monument of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, in Richmond, Virginia. Ultimately, those photographs went viral, and this moment propelled the duo into a summer of activism and dance. The book is based on activism and making change in our communities.