Special Education

Agora’s Special Education department delivers a robust and comprehensive program to ensure all specifications of a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) are met. It includes supports and services for students who have a confirmed educational disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Specially designed instruction and a standards-based curriculum are delivered by qualified staff to meet the educational, emotional and physical needs of all students.

Individualized Education Plan
Upon enrollment, an IEP is implemented immediately. An individualized review of your student’s special education documents is conducted, and curriculum-based measures are completed. Within 30 days of enrollment, your child’s team meets with you and the student to develop a new IEP, which is adapted to cyber education. Once developed, the IEP is implemented across all educational settings and supported by live instructional sessions in general and/or special education. Agora staff rally around your student to ensure a successful online educational experience.
Individualized Education Plan

Special Education programming

Special education programming and related services are provided to Agora students at no cost to the parents/guardians.

Agora’s special education programming may include:

  • Learning Support Program
  • Emotional Support Program
  • Autistic Support Program
  • Life Skills Support Program
  • Multiple Disability Support Program
  • Blind or Visually Impaired Support Program
  • Deaf or Hearing Support Program
  • Self-contained special education support in one or more subject areas
  • Co-teaching support
  • Targeted resource room support
  • Transition classes, supports and services to prepare students for life after Agora
  • Assistive technology support
  • In-class support via personal care assistants, instructional assistants, registered behavior technicians, behavior specialist consultants and board-certified behavior analyst services
  • Therapies and services such as speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling services, tutoring, music therapy, job trainer services, orientation and mobility, social skills, nursing services, educational interpreter services and audiological services




Meet Our Special Education Staff

  • Jennifer Fisher-Clark
    Jennifer Fisher-Clark
    Director of Special Education, K-8
  • Erinn Slacktish
    Erinn Slacktish
    Director of High School Special Education
  • Michelle Cukauskas
    Michelle Cukauskas
    Elementary Special Education Assistant Director
  • Jennifer Lucia
    Jennifer Lucia
    Assistant Director of Special Education, MS
  • Maryann Johnson
    Maryann Johnson
    Assistant Director of Special Education, K-8
  • morgan W
    Morgan Witman
    High School Assistant Director Special Education
  • Danielle Schall
    Danielle Schall
    High School Special Education Assistant Director
  • Valerie Natale
    Valerie Natale
    High School Special Education Assistant Director
  • colleen
    Colleen Freyvogel Bruss
    Assistant Director of Special Education Operations