High School

Your student can chart a new course with a high school program that is designed for them! The Agora Cyber Charter School high school program is proud to offer innovative, comprehensive, competitive and personalized courses designed to meet the needs of your learner.

From additional resources and supports in the form of one-on-one tutoring and intervention platforms to advanced-placement courses, we know that every student learns differently—and that does not end when a child comes to high school. We pride ourselves on pairing each student with an academic team that is geared toward helping your learner reach their full academic potential. Your child’s principal, assistant principal, school counselor, Family Coach and highly qualified content teachers are all here to cheer them on and provide them with the support and encouragement that they need to succeed in school as well as the world outside of our virtual halls. Agora students play an active role in their learning. They use live and offline instruction to follow a rigorous curriculum. Students work closely with a team of core content teachers and Family Coaches to set and achieve learning goals.
The high school team has designed courses and instruction to engage the 21st-century learner, with multiple units, lessons and activities that allow for differentiation, practice, exploration and assessment of learned skills. Parents can easily support their students by accessing the student calendar, which clearly illustrates assignments, due dates and grades in one easy-to-use tool designed to improve student focus.
At Agora, we value a well-rounded individual and believe that students who study the arts as well as history, mathematics, science and language arts have the best chance to be competitive members of their community after graduation. Students are encouraged to take part in one of Agora’s many clubs (including international travel, ski, chess, newspaper and more). Agora school counselors are on hand to assist students with their academic, social and emotional needs, to help them navigate high school and beyond.
Act 158 Graduation Requirements
Students who are going to be graduating from high school in 2023 and beyond will have specific graduation requirements. Read More

These requirements are based on Act 158 of 2018, which was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on October 24, 2018, expands upon the options that students have for meeting Pennsylvania’s graduation requirements.

Read more HERE

Destinations Career Academy
Destinations Career Academy at Agora Cyber Charter School is an innovative online program available to students that combines traditional high school academics with industry-relevant, career-focused electives—giving students from grades 9 through 12 a jump-start on their college and career goals. Read More

While working toward their high school diplomas, students can choose a career path in business, health, science or information technology. For more detailed information, please watch the video DESTINATIONS AT AGORA. Then go to https://agora.org/enrollment/ or call 844-462-4672 to speak with an enrollment concierge.

All newly enrolled high school families begin school by attending a comprehensive online High School Orientation Program. Read More

The program is designed to ease families into the online learning model and equip students with the skills and technical proficiency needed to successfully complete online courses.

Each live session includes direct instruction, real-time interaction and skill-building opportunities. Following live sessions, students are instructed to read online lessons and complete online assignments. Completion of daily lessons and assignments will strengthen their understanding and demonstrate mastery of important learning objectives.

Instructional Model
Agora’s instructional model provides opportunities for students to master core academic content, think critically, solve complex problems, work collaboratively, communicate effectively and engage in learning opportunities that prepare them for life after high school. Read More

Through real-time live instruction, students participate in a rigorous Pennsylvania standards-aligned education, with the support of their parents/guardians, teachers, Family Coaches, interventionists and support staff. Students work to achieve their potential through actively engaging in challenging learning communities that promote consistency, relevance and persistence. Agora is committed to a Multitiered System of Support, where individual students receive interventions, academic support, tutoring, acceleration and enrichment to meet their individual needs and enhance their academic growth.
Agora takes seriously our charge to educate the whole child. The instructional model also includes social/emotional learning and cultivation of 21st-century skills that help to prepare students for college or careers upon successful completion of high school. Students have the support of guidance counselors, school nurses, social workers and related services for their nonacademic needs. Agora Cyber Charter School is a certified Trauma-Informed School.
Agora believes that strong communication and collaboration with parents/guardians is vital for student success. The parent engagement team helps to bridge the communication between school and home in support of each child’s education.

Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
Agora is committed to a Multitiered System of Support, where individual students receive interventions, academic support, tutoring, acceleration and enrichment to meet their needs and enhance their academic growth. Read More

Agora’s MTSS is a standards-aligned comprehensive school improvement framework for enhancing academic, behavioral and social-emotional outcomes for all students.
Key components of MTSS for student success:
1) All students receive high-quality curriculum, instruction and assessment in the general education classroom.
2) The school conducts universal screenings that review the performance and progress of all students through brief assessments in key areas of literacy and math.
3) Consistent and reliable progress monitoring allows teachers to take a snapshot of how children are doing on specific skills between the set assessment.

Course Catalog
Agora offers a wide variety of courses across many disciplines including honors and AP courses. Read More

To download the 2021-2022 Agora Course Catalog, click HERE.

Meet Our High School Staff

  • Jeffrey Miller
    Jeffrey Miller
    High School Principal
  • Eric Buffington
    Eric Buffington
    High School Assistant Principal-9th grade and science
  • Paul Harkins
    Paul Harkins
    High School Assistant Principal, 10th grade and math
  • Holly Allen
    High School Assistant Principal, 11-12th grade and English
  • Heather McCormick
    High School Assistant Principal, 9th grade social studies
  • Erin Hilson
    High School Assistant Principal, Act 158 & electives, and School Counselors
  • Erinn Slacktish
    Erinn Slacktish
    Director of High School Special Education
  • colleen
    Colleen Freyvogel Bruss
    Assistant Director of Special Education Operations
  • morgan W
    Morgan Witman
    High School Assistant Director Special Education
  • Valerie Natale
    Valerie Natale
    High School Special Education Assistant Director
  • Danielle Schall
    Danielle Schall
    High School Special Education Assistant Director