MSA Accreditation

July 19, 2021 2:47 pm

Agora’s accreditation journey

In the 2019-20 school year, Dr. Richard Jensen initiated Agora’s accreditation process, and a planning committee composed of Agora staff was formed. Most of the work to pursue accreditation was carried out by the planning committee and other Agora staff in the 2020-21 school year.


Candidate for Accreditation


Accreditation of an educational institution is a voluntary, rigorous process that requires a school to meet and maintain high standards. Middle States Association (MSA-CESS) accreditation is recognized around the world as an indication of trustworthiness, educational quality, and a commitment to continuous improvement.


  • Self-Study

–Evaluated Agora CCS using MSA’s 12 standards

–Determined strengths and areas for growth

  • Foundation documents


–Graduate Profile

–Core values

  • Objectives for improvement

–Schoolwide literacy plan

–MTSS/PBIS framework

–Schoolwide communication plan


In March of 2021, a team of experienced education administrators (commissioned by MSA-CESS) completed a thorough review of every area of Agora’s operations. The visiting team interviewed staff, parents, and students, and they investigated volumes of documents and evidence of Agora’s commitment to the 12 accreditation standards required by MSA-CESS. Following the visiting team’s investigation, Agora was declared a successful candidate for accreditation!


Looking ahead

Agora’s highly-prized recognition of accreditation candidacy is just the beginning! We await word of our official accreditation following the MSA-CESS Commissioner’s Meeting in October of 2021. In the meantime, we plan to:

  • Add student and parent representatives to our accreditation planning committee
  • Embark on a seven-year-cycle to regularly review our school improvement process and progress towards improvement goals


Thank you for your support!


Dr. Richard Jensen
Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Anne Butler

Chief Academic Officer


Holly Allen
Internal Coordinator of accreditation process