Kalub S. – Young Ambassador

December 8, 2023 11:04 am

Student Honored as Young Ambassador of Pennsylvania Credits Agora for Opportunities.


Kalub Schreiber of Perry County is an 11th grader who has been selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB) as a Young Ambassador of Pennsylvania (YAP). Students were chosen through a competitive application process, and they have committed to eight months of service as an ambassador, representing and upholding the mission and values of KPB. From October through May 2024, participants will develop civic leadership skills and experience as they champion and advocate for clean and beautiful communities across Pennsylvania.


When Kalub was in seventh grade, COVID struck, and his family decided to make the switch to Agora. Since schools were already closing down, Kalub saw it as a great opportunity to continue his education at a cyber charter school.


“Before COVID, I was already looking at cyber school, and I knew some people at Agora,” said Kalub. “I knew I made the right decision immediately. At Agora, the support, resources and staff make such a difference. They offer an even larger variety of classes than my prior brick-and-mortar school, and the Agora teachers are kind and very involved. You can tell that they generally care about you and your education.”


After proving to be a responsible student, Kalub was granted asynchronous status. With more time on his schedule, he was able to get a job working at McDonald’s. He works four days a week, saving up for a car and college. Kalub still attends live classes, but when he has to miss, he watches the recordings and views the slides from class.


“The independence that you get at Agora is huge. I’m more in charge of my work and can build my own path.”


Throughout his time at Agora, Kalub has made a great group of friends. They are spread throughout Pennsylvania, from Philly to York and even up near the New York border. In fact, he got to meet a large group of friends at an Agora Days Out event at Knoebels and even attended graduation in Hershey this year to support his friends who were graduating.


Kalub has also been involved in many clubs at Agora and has held various titles within these clubs, including assistant editor of the Agora Times, the senior moderator for the Gaming club and the secretary for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). He was also elected VP for the National Honor Society.


An Agora Recommendation Leads to Opportunity

All of Kalub’s hard work at Agora hasn’t gone unnoticed, but when an Agora official reached out to recommend that he apply for the Young Ambassador program, Kalub was hesitant at first. He thought he might have a little too much on his plate, but he ultimately decided that it was a great opportunity, and he took the chance. While competition was fierce, Kalub’s recommendations from Agora staff helped, and his accomplishments spoke for themselves. Shortly after applying, Kalub was selected for the program.


As a Young Ambassador, Kalub is helping to organize community cleanups. He’s also educating the community on the effects that litter can have on the environment as well as the importance of keeping the environment clean and beautiful to enhance its natural beauty.


“The number of opportunities I’ve been presented at Agora is so great, and the support teams really help me navigate through all of them. Agora opens so many opportunities to set your future up for success, and I just love it so much.”


Kalub’s current career trajectory is pointing him toward a career in biology, and as of now, he would like to become a veterinarian. However, he’s also interested in many other career paths. He credits and acknowledges the great opportunities and experiences offered at Agora that have led him to where he is today—and where he plans to go in the future.


“The number of classes offered and careers covered at Agora allows you to keep options open and not be tied down.”