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Special Education Student Transition


Transition Fishbowl Faded 2019

It is never too early to start thinking about and preparing for what you want to do with your life after high school! The PA Department of Education mandates that schools begin transition planning conversations and activities with all special education students at the age of 14. We specifically focus on the areas of postsecondary education, employment, and independent living to create an individualized transition plan that is realistic and targeted toward student interests and abilities. Agora supports student transition needs by offering transition courses in grades 7-12 that provide opportunities for students to participate in age and grade appropriate activities that align with PDE’s Career Education and Work Standards and PaTTAN’s Planning for the Future Checklist.

Advice to Students: Attend your IEP meetings and be an active participant! It is very important that you understand why you have an IEP and what supports are being provided to help you. As you get older, you will be responsible for advocating for yourself. It helps to practice talking about these things with your parents and special education teacher.

Advice to Parents: Keep in mind that your child’s IEP ends at graduation. Agora will be asking your child to think about his/her future and play an active role in making decisions that drive his/her transition plan. Encourage your child to think about his/her future and explore various options to find what is most appropriate for his/her interests and skill sets.

Special Education Student Transition Resources

Agency Involvement

Agora Transition Course Guides

Assistive Technology

Autism Resources

Benefits and Healthcare Planning

Blind & Visually Impaired Resources

Career Exploration

Civic Duty Information

College Exploration

College Options: Students with Developmental Disabilities

Disability Disclosure & Rights

Employment Resources

Financial Literacy Resources

Identification/Driver Information

Independent Living

LifeCourse (Person-Centered) Planning

Lunch & Learn Series Resources & Recordings


Mental Health Resources

Military Resources

Parent Advocacy Resources

Parent Forum Resources & Recordings

PaTTAN Transition 1-Pagers

PA Youth Leadership Network

Post-secondary Education Resources
for Students with Disabilities

Post-secondary Testing (College & Military)

Release of Information Forms

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination

Soft Skills

Study Skills

Success Stories

Teen Parenting Resources

Transition Planning Resources



General Education Transition

Transition Events Across PA

If you have specific questions, please contact:
Morgan W headshotMorgan Witman, M.Ed.
SpEd Transition Coordinator | 717-395-9729