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Transcript & Records Requests

Requesting Records

All requests for student records must be made in writing. Verbal requests over the phone will not be accepted. This policy is due to federal regulations that help to protect the privacy of our students – Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

If you are enrolling your student at another school, have them send us a request for the academic and medical records. These requests can be faxed to 610-265-5825 or 610-265-5361, or emailed to The new school should have a standard request form that it can send to us. We will then forward all of the student’s records directly to the new school.

If you are requesting that the records be sent to you, either email your request to, or fax it to 610-265-5825 or 610-265-5361. Email is the preferred method since it is much more reliable than faxing. In your request, provide the following information:

  1. The student’s full name and date of birth.
  2. Your name and relation to the student.
  3. A brief statement indicating the specific records you need and where you’d like them sent.
  4. Records can be sent to you or directly to a school. Provide the name of the person or department to receive the records, the name of the school, the complete mailing address, along with a fax number or email address, as applicable.
  5. We may require additional information from you in order to complete your request. If we are unable to verify your information, your request may not be processed.


Requesting High School Transcripts

A transcript is a document that is only produced for high school students and some middle school students who have earned high school level credits. The transcript is a single paged document, which shows all of the student’s high school level grades, credits, and GPA. If a student has graduated, then the graduation date is also shown on the transcript.

All requests for transcripts must be sent in writing, either via email to, or faxed to 610-265-5825. Again, email is the most reliable way to send these requests. Requests will be processed in the order received, within 5 business days.

Provide the following information in your request:

  1. The student’s full name and date of birth
  2. Your name and relation to the student
  3. A brief statement saying that you are requesting a copy of the transcript
  4. Information on where the transcript needs to be

-If the transcript needs to be sent to a college, university, vocational school, etc., provide the name, mailing address, and fax number.

-We can also email or mail the transcript to you: provide the appropriate contact information if this is how you want the document sent.

Please note that it may take seven to ten business days for an official transcript to be generated, especially during the months of July, August and September. If you need an unofficial copy of your transcript right away, indicate that in your request. Keep in mind an unofficial transcript is not finalized and is subject to change, pending review by our Transcript Coordinator. Your school may still require the official transcript.

Special Ed Record requests 

All Special Education Record Requests should be routed to the following: Special Education Administrative Assistant

Special Ed Department Phone: 610-230-0789

Special Ed Fax: 610-265-5819


Medical / Health Form Requests 

All Request for Medical should be routed to the following:
Nursing Fax: 484-588-4477 or 484-588-0544

Nurses phone: 844-40-AGORA (844-402-4672) ext. 8


Withdrawal Requests

All requests for withdrawal should be directed to your assigned Family Coach. If you do not have a Family Coach assigned, a withdrawal request must be submitted in writing via email, fax or mail, from the legal guardian on the student’s account. Please include your reason for withdrawal and the new school’s information, if applicable.

Provide the following information in your request:

  1. The full name of the student and date of birth
  2. Your name and relation to the student
  3. The last date your student has attended, or will attend, Agora
  4. Name of the school district and school to which the student is transferring
  5. A brief statement explaining the reason for withdrawal

Remember: only the Legal Guardian on the student’s account can withdraw a student.

Phone: 844-402-4672, option 5

Fax: 610-265-5825



Requesting Records During the Summer

Unlike many brick and mortar schools, the Records Department at Agora is open all summer. July is a great time to request records! Please do not wait until the end of August or early September to make a request for student records, unless it is absolutely necessary. That is our busiest time of year, and it can take up to ten business days to process requests during that period. We process requests in the order that they are received and send the records out as quickly as we can. As such, the earlier you can have your request sent to us, the better.

Always keep a digital and paper copy of your student’s most recent report card.

You will need a copy of the report card in order to enroll your student at another school. Having a copy on hand will allow you to enroll the student in a timely manner, while the new school awaits the full academic file from Agora. Please note:  you will not be able to access report cards online once your student has been withdrawn from Agora. Save these records to your personal files as soon as you receive them.